Huge Arms: How To Get ‘Em: Part Two

Last week, we set the foundation for your six-week arm specialization program. Now we are ready to unleash the program. Here goes . . .

Your First arm session of the week relies totally on bodyweight training. Body weight exercises do not place your joints under any where near the same resistance pressure as do barbells and dumbbells. As a result, they are far more forgiving of incorrect technique. Because the amount of resistance that you are using is rarely more than your body weight, your joints, especially the wrists and shoulders, will be under way less pressure. That will make you far less prone to injury, allowing you to enjoy your new found strength and muscularity without having to hobble around like a cripple.

Of course, there is a connotation that body weight exercises are not as hard-core as pumping the weights; that they are good as an introduction to exercise only; that real men pump iron.  We challenge you to give the following workout a try and discover for yourself just how hard-ass proper bodyweight training can be.

Note: Every set must be taken to failure!

One Arm Pull Ups
Primary Target Muscle: Biceps Brachii
Secondary Focus: Developing biceps split

The one arm pull up is fantastic biceps mass builder that will impress your mates as it packs on the size. It’s also a great move to bring out the split between the long and short heads of the biceps. If you can do 15 conventional pull ups in a row, then you should be able to one arm pull ups. If you’re not quite there yet, perform standard pull ups, but gradually let go of fingers on one hand. Simultaneously, you should move your arms closer towards each other. When you can do half a dozen reps with just a single finger of your second hand on the bar, then you’re ready to attempt one arm pull ups.

  • Take a hold of the bar with your dominant hand, using a pronated grip.
  • Maintain a straight body as you pull your your torso toward the bar. Tightly squeeze the bicep at the top.
  • Slowly lower yourself back down with control.

Repetitions: To failure. Then repeat with the other arm.

super-setted with . . .

Atomic Triceps Blaster Push Ups
Primary Target Muscle: Medial triceps head
Secondary Focus: Lateral triceps head

Imagine doing a full body weight triceps extension. Well, that is essentially what this move accomplishes. Keep your feet elevated to allow for a large a range of motion as possible.

  • Get into push up position on the ground with your feet resting on the seat of a chair or bench.
  • Put your palms in front of your face on the ground, about 10 inches apart from each other. The hands should be in line with your forehead.
  • Descend into a bottom push up position, maintaining the arms in front of the head position. Take your forearms down to the floor. Push back up with the power of your triceps.

Repetitions: To failure.

Lateral Chin Walks
Primary Target Muscle: Biceps Brachii
Secondary Focus: Forearm Flexors

In this exercise you utilize the strength of your biceps to walk your hands across a pull up bar while keeping your chin above the level of the bar.

  • Take a hold of a pull up bar with your hands six inches apart
  • Use the biceps to pull yourself to the top position, with your chin above the level of the bar.
  • Inch your way across the bar as you make your way first to one side and the back to the middle. Make sure that your chin stays above the bar.

Repetitions: Keep going until you fail!

super-setted with . . .

Diamond Dive Bombers
Primary Target Muscle: Long Head of the Triceps
Secondary Focus: Medial Head of the Triceps

  • Get down on the ground in a push up [position, but with your feet wide apart and your hands about a dozen inches apart. apart. Spread your fingers out and push your palms into the ground. Raise your butt into the air.
  • Lower your head and arch your back so as to form an inverted ‘V’ shape with your body.
  • Move by bending the elbows to come down to the ground in an arcing motion. Just touch your chest to the ground as you swoop through and arc up as high as you can. Then immediately reverse the motion to return to the start position, moving through the same arc.

Repetitions: to failure – when your form starts to get sloppy, you have reached failure.

 Head Bangers
Primary Target Muscle: Biceps Brachialis
Secondary Focus: Forearm Flexors

Head Bangers is yet another pull up based biceps destroyer. This you’re your body will move vertically towards the bar and then away from it as you hold your body up at bar level. It sounds tough and it is – but it is an unparalleled mass builder.

  • Take a hold of a pull up bar with your hands six inches apart
  • Use the biceps to pull yourself to the top position, with your chin above the level of the bar.
  • Straighten your arms out vertically to move your head away from the bar and then straight back in again. Try to keep your head at the level of the bar. Your head should go back and forth in a pulsing motion. Contract the bicep strongly each time you come back in.

 Repetitions: to failure

 super-setted with . . .

 Reverse Close Grip Push Ups
Primary Target Muscle: Medial head of Triceps
Secondary Focus: Forearm flexors

  • Get into a push up position, with your hands close together (they should be about 5 inches apart) and your feet together.
  • Lift yourself up so that are arms are at full extension. Your boy needs to maintain a straight line. Keep your core tight so that your butt doesn’t lift. Keep looking directly ahead.
  • No move your hand position so they are facing away from your body (your finger arte pointing back toward you). Bring your hands about 5 inches back towards your stomach.
  • From this position, go down into push up. Go down until your chin almost touches the floor Be sure to keep your elbows in during the movement.
  • Push back up to the start position and repeat.

 Repetitions: To failure


Single Handed Dead Hangs
Primary Target Muscle: Forearm Flexors
Secondary Focus: Biceps Brachii

  • Hold onto a pull up bar with hands about six inches apart.
  • Let go of one hand so that you are supporting your bodyweight with just one arm.
  • Hold this dead hang position for as long as you can.
  • Repeat with the other arm.


Your second workout of the week needs to be spaced sufficiently fart away from the first that your arms have time to recover. So, if your Day one workout was on Monday, you should do Day Two on Thursday. If you worked hard enough that first day 9every set to complete positive failure), you’ll probably still have a bit of tenderness in the bicep elbow insertion, but you should be good to go after three days.

This workout involves just two exercises:

Bicep Cable Curls

Triceps Cable Push Downs

You’ll be working these exercises back-to-back in superset fashion. We’ll also be introducing a dualling stack progression to allow you to benefit from both high rep and low rep sets. The success of this workout relies on the mind-muscle connection, especially during the high rep portion.

Too many guys do workouts where they’re simply going through the motions and not focusing on placing as much tension as possible on the working muscle. That changes with this workout.

Begin the workout by positioning yourself in front of a high / low pulley machine. Ideally your gym will have a machine that allow you to quickly pull out a pin to adjust between high and low. Start with a light warm up set of 12 reps on cable curls and triceps pushdowns.

Now load the low pulley with the maximum weight that you can curl for six reps. Perform six reps with good form, focusing on getting peak contraction at the top of the movement. Do not swing your body or otherwise use momentum. Make your biceps do all the work.

Immediately upon completion, pull the pin and switch to the high pulley. Change the weight stack to a light weight that will allow you to do twelve reps. Make the movement as challenging as possible by squeezing the triceps tightly in the fully extended bottom position. Be sure to keep your elbows in at your side throughout the movement.

Again without rest, switch back to the low pulley. This time set the weight at two plates lighter than your last set of curls and pump out 8 reps. Then go straight back to pushdowns on the high pulley. Drop the weight down by two plates and go for 10 strict reps.

Continue this back and forth pattern in which you are dropping the weight buy two plates each set on curls and increasing it by two plates on each set of triceps pushdowns. Do this until you have reached the weights that you started on for the other exercise.

This complete workout will be done with absolutely no rest. It should take you around 4 sets to complete. On your lighter biceps work, it is all about contracting the muscle as hard as you can as you perform each rep.

To complete your workout you’ll be doing a superset between close grip chin ups and triceps dips. Both exercises need to be taken to failure. Don’t worry if you can’t get too many reps on these moves. By now both your biceps and triceps will be on fire. These moves are designed to push them to their absolute limit.

Do two supersets of chin ups / dips to failure.

Awesome arms are the result of consistent, intelligent hard work, discipline and knowledge. You now have all the knowledge that need to create biceps, triceps and forearms that you can be proud of. Whether or not you achieve those arms depends on the other factors – your discipline, your hard work and your consistency. Apply them over the next six weeks and you’ll be rewarded with bigger, stronger and better arms.



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